PRPS Organizational Culture

Our collective behavior affects teamwork, productivity, quality and results – and our value.


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At its recent meeting, the PRPS Board of Directors adopted the following statement on Organizational Culture:

The organizational culture of PRPS is expressed in the collective behavior of our leaders and members, and how our actions are perceived and received by others.

Our overarching values, beliefs and principles guide how we interact with each other, our clients, partners and stakeholders. Our behaviors affect teamwork, productivity, quality and results. That group dynamic in turn determines our corporate and community value.

To facilitate the highest levels of relevance, capacity and influence, we integrate the following core values into all operations with consistency and unity:


We uphold moral soundness in all member, partner, stakeholder and business interactions, adhering to truth, purpose, responsibility and trust.


We strive for superior workmanship, highest professional conduct, and exceptional quality productions in all endeavors.


We strive to create and lead organizational and industrial change, and develop and enable innovative solutions in strategies and results.


We respect, promote and empower diversity, inclusion, partnerships, cooperation, and multiple viewpoints and perspectives.


We practice and promote people-oriented leadership that connects diverse groups for common objectives, invests in their success, and celebrates their achievements.

By modeling, promoting, teaching, enforcing and rewarding these core values, we enable a shared future that fulfills the PRPS mission and vision.

The Member Code of Ethics and the PRPS Organizational Statement can be found on this page of the PRPS website.

Author: Tim Herd


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